Institutional Compliance & Ethics Strategic Plan


Strategic Priorities for Academic Year 2021-2022


To promote and support a culture at Texas State University which builds compliance consciousness into the daily activities of the University and encourages all employees to conduct University business with honesty and integrity.


We envision a campus community in which every member adheres to Texas State’s commitment to ethical behavior and compliance –to behave in ways that are consistent with our values and all applicable laws, rules, regulations, and policies that govern Texas State –supported by the implementation of a centralized Institutional Compliance and Ethics program that provides compliance oversight for: the Clery Act, Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) workplace accommodations, Title IX, and investigating complaints of discrimination, while engaged in broader compliance work across campus in collaboration with campus partners, in a manner consistent with best practices and Texas State’s mission, values, and culture.

Top Priorities for 2021-2022 (Aligned with a University Goal)  

University Goal 4. Provide the necessary services, resources, and infrastructure to support the university's strategic direction.

Unit Priority 4.1 Significantly enhance the ADA compliance initiatives: 

  • Review the ADA Coordinator roles and responsibilities and revise, as necessary,
  • Conduct comprehensive review of the ADA Accommodation approval process and revise, as necessary,
  • Review ADA Workplace Accommodation policy 04.04.60 and revise, as necessary,
  • Review all existing ADA awareness courses and educational material and update and revise, as necessary, and
  • Conduct compliance self-assessment and develop compliance risk register. 

Unit Priority 4.2. Significantly enhance the Clery Act compliance initiatives: 

  • Publish consistent & accurate Annual Security and Fire Safety Reports,
  • Ensure that Clery Act liaisons are identified, trained, and meet regularly; and their reports are timely and audited periodically,
  • Continue working with Human Resources to develop effective tracking of CSA designation and training completion,
  • Finalize and publish a Clery Act Compliance University Policy and Procedure Statement,
  • Conduct compliance self-assessment and develop compliance risk register.

Unit Priority 4.3. Enhance the EOO & Title IX compliance initiatives:

  • Review Prohibition of Discrimination policy 04.04.46 and revise, as necessary,
  • Develop internal protocol for investigations and ensure that it is aligned with the Sexual Misconduct Policy and Prohibition of Discrimination policy,
  • Enhance existing educational and awareness initiatives across campuses to include:
    • Develop two campus wide marketing campaigns to enhance awareness of SB-212, and Title IX regulation updates, 
    • Increase education for faculty and staff,
    • Coordinate Sexual Assault and Prevention Month events, 
    • Enhance awareness and presence on the Round Rock Campus,  
  • Strengthen lines of communication with University Police Department.
  • Conduct compliance self-assessment and develop compliance risk register. 

Unit Priority 4.4. Continue the development of the Institutional Compliance and Ethics (ICE) program:

  • Coordinate 2021/21 Institutional Compliance and Ethics Implementation plan,
  • Ensure Compliance Partners are identified, meeting quarterly, and actively engaged in promoting compliance awareness, 
  • Oversee 2021 compliance self-assessment and risk identification process coordinated by the Compliance Partners Committee, 
  • Provide Compliance Executive Committee with periodic updates of compliance initiatives, and identified compliance risk,
  • Conduct assessment of ICE Compliance Program requirements IAW Chapter 8 of the U. S. Federal Sentencing Guidelines,
  • Review Ethics and Compliance training course and revise, as necessary.